17 août 2014

[REVIEW] Geo Mimi Cappuccino Grey - Hanavillage

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a good week end. Today, I rest. Yesterday, I went to Dax to make the feria. That's a big celebration in the south of France during the summer. All people are in white & red. There are bullfights, musics, parade of bandas, games... and a lot of bars where people drink a lot *haha*. I really enjoy this moment.

Korben & I
So... That's not the subject of this article. That's my second review from Hanavillage. I chose a new pair of circle lens on this webstore : Geo Mimi Cappuccino Grey.

If you interrested, stay with me and check my review ~


 The Geo Mimi Cappuccino brings the café effect to your eyes. Available in three coffee inspired colors it makes your eyes look naturally bigger and adds a sparkle to them. Priced at $21.50 it lends a fresh look to your face. With a 15mm diameter it perfectly fits your eyes. It is guaranteed to fetch you attention all day long. Available in brown, grey and red colors.

Diameter : 15.0mm

Base Curve : 8.70mm
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : 0.00 to -6.00
Manufacturer : GEO Medical
Left power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Right power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Price : $21.50


The design of the lentille is complex. In the center, there is like a grey sun who finish in a darker shade.
When I apply it, the color is black on my eyes. [Despite my green eyes] I researched another reviews about this circle lens ; the observation is the same. Your look is black. The design reminds me the "Geo Bella Grey" but with less intensity. 

Makeup of the day


The difficulty of these circle lenses is to put it on my eyes. I don't know why, I never found the good side and I always put my circle lens inside out. [a one-in-two chance] I can't make the difference of each side.
These circle lenses can correct my eyesight [Left & Right 0,00 ; -6,00]


That's the key point of these circle lenses. The diameter is 15 mm & fit perfectly your eyes with this particular design.
This big enlargement don't fit with a soft makeup : A little freaky & definetly not natural. I prefer with a strong makeup with false lashes in addition. Your look is like a doll : Intense & Luminous.

That's my second pair of the collection "Princess Mimi". I confess that I never bought these circle lenses before.
Today, I appreciate it. I never a a big eyes before [Except my Kimchi Bambi Pink]. I'm in the category of the little eyes ; I always searched a doll look. That's convinced me to test another color
And you ? Do you want to buy these circle lenses ?

Geo Mimi Cappuccino Grey is available on Hanavillage for $21.50.

My Neo Gyaru look - Soon on my lookbook ~

Kisses & Hugs,

13 août 2014

[REVIEW] Dolly Wink - Eyebrow Mascara

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a good sunday. I already do a new post. Few days ago, I received my order from HanaVillage. It's a website who sell cosmetics and circle lens and in collaboration with Lensvillage.com.

◥ Short description of Hanavillage :
HanaVillage.com aims to be one of the largest beauty store selling quality colored lenses and top beauty brands in Asia. The brands we carry included KOJI, Skin79, Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, Fujifilm,Geo Medical, ColourVue, Dueba,  and many other well known beauty brands in Asia especially Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Our office is based in Malaysia while goods are shipped from Malaysia and Singapore. We offer free worldwide delivery and excellent customer service. We carry more than thousand of products in store. We also own another website LensVillage, a circle lenses store which is quite established since few years ago. You may find our customer reviews throughout different channel. 

The first product that I present to you is a eyebrow mascara from Dolly Wink. It was in my wish list since a long time ; Let's go to review to know why ~
◥ Packaging

The product is like a mascara. The brush is not bigger than an euro coin. Thanks to that, the application is more precise. The many bristles of the brush catch all the hairs of your eyebrow. 

◥ Color

I chose the color "Milk tea", the tint the lightest. It's caramel-colored with bronze reflection. It's the color who match with my ginger hair. Beware ! Wring the brush to don't put to much product on your eyebrow. "Milk tea" can be a good tint for dark blonde, ginger or a light brown.

This mascara unifies the color of your eyebrow.

◥ Performance

The mascara colours & fill your eyebrow. The product is like a gel ; your eyebrows don't move, all a day. It keeps the form and the color doesn't disappear. You can touch : no transfer color ~

→ Precise & little brush,
→ The color matches perfect with my ginger hair,
→ With the gel, your eyebrows don't move during 24 hours,
→ A uniform color.

→ The color is a little bit shiny for a natural look,
→ If want a precise drawing of your eyebrow, you should use a pencil. [In additional or not].

Preview of my next update

And you gals, What do you use for your eyebrows ? Are you convinced by this product ?
You can buy it on HanaVillage.com for $ 18,80.
Soon, in my next articles, I'll present two another products : Black liquid eyeliner by Dolly Wink & the super + BB cream by Skin79. Stay Tuned ~

Kisses & Hugs,

9 août 2014

[OUTFIT] Twins ギャル

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? It's a special post with my honey, Ly [GeekBallerina]. During our travel at Bordeaux, we did some shopping [Natalie, Céline & I] in New Yorker. Céline & I have a crush for the same top "I  Ice Cream". I took the pink & Céline the blue one.

We had the idea to do a twins outfit with the same top. We searched a nice way to coordinate our t-shirt ; That's so funny to realize how we have a lot of common points. [Beanie, hairstyle...]
I hate my hair, they are so fine...  I could make a little volume when I created waves [Thank to my curling iron]

It was the occasion too to use again Hairchalk from L'Oréal [Sweet Sixteen]. I like to have pink hair sometimes [I feel like a unicorn ~]. However, I didn't tolerate a long time the product on my hair. Hairchalk from L'Oréal make me so much bows. Horrible. I kept the color only a week.

 Bordeaux  Brest

I missed her so much since she live far far away from Bordeaux. All things are a possibility to have fun. My look is very simple. We would like to find a colorful beanie but you can understand that a little complicated to find a beanie during summer *haha*. You can see our favourite beanie "Shoop" from Baby Shoop bought at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii 2013. I'll work more on the look in the future when I don't be in sweats.

This is a swatch of my overall makeup. I tested my new eyeshadow palette from Kiko - 101. [I'll make a big haul this wednesday] The eyeshadows are really pigmented and luminous.
I used a eyebrow mascara by Dolly Wink : Few days ago, I received my package from Hanavillage, I wrote a review for tomorrow. Check it out ~
My circle lens - Neo Shimmer Aqua

Have a good summer Gals & take care of you. In the south west of France, the weather isn't terrible... Hope it'll be better during my vacation in september. Soon in the next episode *haha* 

Kisses & Hugs,

2 août 2014

[DIET] Gayelord Hauser - All forms of konjac

Coucou les filles,

Comment allez vous ? Je voudrais commencer par remercier chacun d'entre vous pour votre soutient  ♡ sur mon blog et sur Facebook concernant mon dernier article - I don't like sport.
Aujourd'hui ce sera encore un article régime mais en français [Avec traduction anglaise]. Je vais parler de la gamme Konjac de Gayelord Hauser

Gayelord Hauser est une marque disponible en grande surface spécialisé dans les produits minceur. J'ai eu l'occasion de pouvoir acheter tout les produits de la gamme konjac, à moins d'un euros grâce à une promotion. [80 centimes si je me souviens bien, une aubaine pour des produits excessivement chers comme le konjac]

Avant de commencer, je vous invite à aller voir mon article sur GalsGalsRevolution à propos du Konjac.

Le konjac est un produit neutre, peu calorique, riche en fibre [15 calories pour 100g] et sans goût. Il faut apprendre à le cuisiner et l'associer à des aliments sains. 

◥ Shirataki de Konjac

C'est la forme la plus connu du Konjac. Le produit se ressemble sous forme de spaghetti enroulé sous forme de pelote. 
Pour la préparation, vous devrez dérouler les pelotes et les rincer sous l'eau. Plongez les dans l'eau bouillante pendant 2 - 3 minutes. Pour donner plus de goût j'aime ajouter un cube de bouillon [Légumes, Poulet ou Bœuf dégraissé] pour apporter une saveur. 

Riz de Konjac

Ne vous attendez pas à voir du riz. Je dirais que c'est la version shirataki découpé en petit morceau. La préparation et la même que pour les shirataki. 

Je n'ai pas aimé cuisiner ce produit, on perd énormément de riz durant la préparation. Les petits morceaux se perdent dans le paquet, s'éparpille dans la casserole. Je vous conseiller une 
Passoire type "Passe-Bouillon" pour éviter les pertes.

A la dégustation, le riz passe plus facilement que le shirataki ou les tagliatelle et ne demande pas une grande mastication. 

Tagliatelle de Konjac

C'est le produit que j'ai le moins aimé de la gamme. La forme est respectée, la cuisson est la même. 
Le soucis est vraiment à la dégustation, la mastication est laborieuse. Imaginez vous à mâcher comme une vache une boule caoutchouteuse pendant 10 minutes. De plus, les tagliatelle n’imprègne pas le goût du plat, ce qui rend votre repas face et pénible.

Mes divers plat - Soupe, façon bolognaise, au Wok. Je me régale 

En conclusion...

Vous pourrez acheter un de ces produits pour 1€95 à Leclerc, ce que je trouve vraiment raisonnable. Vous devez faire preuve d'imagination pour cuisiner ces produits et apporter de la saveur, du plaisir dans votre assiette.

Le Konjac est un produit qui me permet d'éviter de surconsommer les féculents et de contrôler mon apport calorique tout les jours. 
Je rachèterais à 100 % le shirataki et le riz, mais pas les tagliatelle. 

Alors les gals, convaincue ? Avez vous déjà goûter au Konjac ? En achèterez vous ? Partagez vos avis et vos expériences ~

Dear Gals,

Thank for so much for all your supports about my last post - I don't like sport. Today, it's another diet post, essentially in french. I don't know if Gayelord Hauser products "Konjac" is available in your country. [But I do a resume for you] However, the effect is the same of every brand of Konjac. *haha*
Konjac is a product hypocaloric, high fiber, no fat & with no taste. There are three sorts of Konjac : Shirataki [Like spaghetti], rice & tagliatelle. I don't recommend the tagliatelle, it's not agreeable to eat. [Too much rubbery]
You need to cook it for to give taste & to have pleasure to eat it. The texture is rubbery.
You can control your caloric content & to avoid to consume so much starchy.

What do you know about konjac ? Do you eat konjac ? Share your cook tips & your experience.

Kisses & Hugs,

17 juillet 2014

[DIET] I don't like sport

Dear Gals,

How are you ? With this sunny day, I would like to share with you my experience with the sport. I can't have problem to do a diet but it was difficult to add sports in my diet routine. I know it's the best way to be well & to have a healthy life.  

◥ Lazy Girl ?

In my mind, the sport is the perfect definition of "pain" & "humiliation". When my friends say me : "I feel so good when I run !", "It's a drug". I feel like a lazy girl : "Why do you like a sport who can hurt you ??". When I do sport.  I'm terrifying. I sweat, my check is red like a tomato. I'm sur, I've got the oscar of the best heart attack simulation. 

"I see a white light !! God !! That's you ?"

The frustration is to don't feel the same serenity. What's wrong with me ?

◥ Sport & High School

During my adolescence, sport was a torture. The speciality in high school was running & Swimming pool.
The most hard in running, it wasn't to run... It was to endure the humiliation of my sport teacher. I was fat, I was the last. He barked at me in front of my class. 

"You're fat ; Move your ass ; You're low"

I was a tumor. A day, He blamed me to manipulate my classmates to don't run. [Whaaaat ? I was a poor shy girl !] I'd the feeling that the sport teacher loved to cultivate this individuality and to expose you in front of your class. I was the easy prey, ready to eat.

Same pattern when we went at swimmingpool except I wore a swimwear. [Yeah, best thing for a complexed adolescent... Ingrate age]. You should surely know a girl who makes a dispensation to never go at the swinmingpool. Lucky her...

I regretted to see a lot of discrimination of fat children & adolescent. Mainly when it's the teacher himself who discriminate you. Nobody help me to like sport, to teach me how sport can be good for me. If you are fat, you're idle, you're allergic any efforts.

◥ Self Esteem

The adolescent is the moment where you try to build a personality, try to accept the changements of your body. One side there are the perfect famous girls and another side there is... Me. Fat, Ginger & Shy. The winning combo.

You keep this image of you ; It's difficult to accept a compliment when people look at you with a repugnance.
That's this horrible image of me, I keep when I ran. I imagine my fat to move and make a horrible noise like "flop flop" or "blop blop" [choose your favourite]

In the end, all is an excuse to don't move. I stayed in my comfort zone behind my computer. The worst ennemy, is you. Your body is in pain but your mind refuse to act.

◥ The reconciliation

Today, I'll need to make a point about me. That's why I share my experience. I want to reconciliate my body with my mind. I want to run like a thin girl, I want to evacuate all the frustrations of a life. I want to look at me like a warrior ; the world is mine. I don't want to become a loafer. The wrong opinion of a lot of person mustn't become me like they think.

It's amazing how you've a lot of possibility to move and have fun. The sport hall is not an obligation. You can ride a bike, go on the beach, walk with your dog, do some abs at home... Many possibilities ! Stop to make so much excuses, Stop to see sport like a pain.

10 year ago, I cried now I put my sneakers and I run in the wood. I bought a elliptical trainer and I trained 30 - 45 minute per day. I feel proud of me, I'm master of me, of my body. 

Don't let anybody tell you what do you should do. Take your life in your hands.

I conclude with a announcement : I'll publish less articles this summer. I want to profit of the summer to take care of me. Two month later, I'll give you some news about my sport and diet routine.

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Kisses & Hugs,


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