21 janvier 2015

[TAG] Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru?

Dear Gals,

How are you ? It's so cold today, I would like to live as a marmot and to wake up only for the spring. 
I try to work on the last Gal Vip Spring issue but the weather is so gloomy. Imagine me to catch the best of the luminosity.

Today, I would like to start the Tag "Gyaru Meme" thanks to Lizzie.

◥ Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru ? [Beware - old pictures spam is coming]

I started dressing gyaru when I received my first clothes from Japan [in 2010]. That's a special moment, I can't describe it, a huge joy. It was a babydoll Blue dress from TutuHa. I add some accessories like my google glass. This outfit made me more confident in gyaru style. I'm really complexed about my body & my weight.

My firsts gyaru outfits
Then, I can't stop to follow Shibuya 109 fashion. I think to be crazy the day where I'll visit this tower. *haha*

I've a lot of steps in my gyaru life. The moment where I wear skirt, shorts, clothes who are more close-fitting ... The most important is to be confident in your clothes and to wear clothes who is adapted in your morphology.

Take care of you,
Kisses & Hugs,

18 janvier 2015

[HAUL] Ghost of Harlem Fukubukuro 2015

Dear Gals ,

How are you ?! Finally ! I received my package from Japan with my lucky bag. I chose the Ghost of Harlem bag.I'm so glad to don't have customs fees. I was not feeling good when the package has passed the frontier.
Fortunately, No fees and a big package to open. I was a little bit suprised to see my lucky bag dirty. (Nevermind, all products were packed)

I bought one product on mbok.jp. I like this website, it's like  a treasure hunt. You can find very cool clothes [& old school]
I found a gorgeous D.i.a. set [Vest & shorts]. I adore the golden details in particular on the hood.

There are sales on the Shibuya 109 webshop. That's a long time that I didn't buy Glavil items. I chose three items ; a black top with a choker, a long red vest & a pink necklace.

Then, the better part, fukubukuro from Ghost of Harlem. My first impression of this lucky bag : "Woaw it's black ". I really like this 2015 edition than the 2014. My only disappointement is the black vest. It's exactly the same but with a different pattern. 

A lucky bag can be a good occasion to have a lot of clothes for a good prices. However, if you don't know the content of the bag, you take risks. You pay 10 000 Yen [~70 - 75 €], it's a big amount. You need to be sure. That's surely a better occasion to wait the sales of january.

I'm very glad of my purchases, I think to buy another lucky bag the next year. [D.i.a., One Spo maybe Glad News if I like the content] What do you think about lucky bag this year ? Do you have one ? 

Take care of you,
Kisses & Hugs,

14 janvier 2015

[EVENT] Gal Vip Magazine "We're printing !!"

Dear Gals,

I would like to publish this "Breaking news" about Gal Vip Magazine. A shop is open for all gals who want to buy our last printed winter issue.

You can buy a copy, you just need to click on this link. Don't forget that one magazine bought it's a support for all the Gal Vip Staff. 

First 50 customers gets 10% off their entire order... Soooo, What are you waiting ?

See you this week end with the unboxing of my Ghost of Harlem fukubukuro, don't forget to follow me on my blog and my Youtube channel.

Kisses & Hugs,

9 janvier 2015


Dear Gals,

How are you ? Thank you gosh it's friday #2 [... And I'll work all the week end =(] This wenesday, the sales started and I try to not succomb. *haha* i thought : I should do a little haul with what I bought before Christmas. Maybe for the next week, I'm waiting a big package from Japan before to do a christmas haul.

Anyway. What's new on my ginger life ?

Kawaii.i International - Twins style

Read the Kawaii.i Blog

That's a little surprise we wanted to keep before the broadcasting of the Kawaii.i issue. My lovely friend Ly has been contacting with Kawaii [like Prospective Kawaii Leader] to participate of this issue with a friend. That's with a big pleasure that she contacted me for this experience.

If you follow my blog, you already know that not our first try [Twins blogpost Ly & Mine]. It's an amazing experience to share with your friends. We have a lot of commons point , It's easy to do some twins pictures. [I just would like a perfect body like her *haha*]

Princess Apparel - Commissions

I already do a review about this amazing website. 2 weeks ago the Toulouse Game Show, I needed a hair accessory. She published regularly some new items on her official page and I've a cruch for a Demon Headband with roses. Absolutely perfect with my Ageho outfit.

Une photo publiée par Nicole (@astralys) le

I requested her if It was possible to change the color to suit my outfit. She accepted, made and sent my headband rapidly to have it for the d-day. Don't hesitate to send a request [More informations on this page]

ღ I'm so glad that she uses my picture on the website

I recommand this kawaii webstore, a big favourite.

Youtube, I'm come back

I took a short "hiatus" for Christmas. I had good times with my family, my friends. Now I come back to work on my next youtube video. I'm working on a little makeup tutorial - Online saturday.

Have a good week end, See you this sunday for new adventures ~. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,

4 janvier 2015

[EVENT] Gal Vip Winter Edition & Lookbook

Dear Girls,

Happy New Year Gals ! I wish you the best [Love, Health & Money *haha*] for 2K15. Hope you have good end-of-year celebrations. I don't make resolutions this year. I decided to live the present. I publish my "gyaru improvement meme" the next wednesday.

How are you ? If you follow me on my facebook you could see my first appearance on Gal Vip Winter Edition n°13. I'm so glad to be a part of this adventure, It's very interesting. When we are only readers, we can't see all the hard work of the Gal Vip team. [The ideas, all work of the models, the design...]

That's an amazing work ! Take the time to read the issue ~

Me & the gorgeous Kyo [Wicked Lips]

Wicked Lips is available on the Gal Vip Website. It's one of my favourite parts. Winter is a perfect period to wear lipstick. I like to show my cruch of 2014 : The pulp fiction lipstick by Urban Decay. I start a big collection of Lipstick.

I published on lookbook some of my outfits available in this winter issue. Which one do you prefer ?

See you next week Gals, Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,


~~ ~~