1 avril 2015

[TAG] My virtual life

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? That's a moment that I thought to create a new tag on Youtube. I worked on 10 questions with the theme "my virtual life". My video is in french & questions too... BUT I would like that all my readers do this Tag [on your blog or Youtube channel]. 

I wanted to share a piece of me ☆ 

1. Your first computer ?
2. What are the things who irritate you on internet ?
3. What is your favourite "meme" ?
4. How many time you stay on internet per day ?
5. What is your favourite activities on internet ?
6. What is your favourites on your quick bar ?
7. Your Desktop : messy or tidy ?
8. Are you a geek ?
9. Mac or Pc ?
10. Are you on social networks ? [List them] 

Don't hesitate to do this tag & to share me ~. I'll be very glad to see all your video or blog post. Don't forget to cite me [twitter, facebook, youtube...] for to read your tag. Have a very good week & see you sunday. Take care of you ~

Kisses & Hugs,

29 mars 2015

[LIFESTYLE] Gyaru Problems #2

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? Remember, no gals are perfect, we all have problems ! If you miss the first post ; click here cuties. [Beware, this post must be read with humor] Let's get started ~ 

Take hours for your hairdo...

Meeting day ! You want to be perfect [nail art, makeup, best outfit...]. You reflect during 3 weeks before the event about your hairstyle. In your dream, this is THE perfect hairdo. You get up at 5 O'Clock to be sure to be perfect but... Nothing will happen as planned.
You don't have the curls expected, the backcombing looks like shit & you take 3 hours on a rebel strand of hair. 
Finally ? You put a wig or you smooth your hair. All of that to be disheveled by the wind. 

◥ Solitude

You live in countryside, the population of cows is higher than humans. No Gals, No Gyaru circle. Your anthem is "All by myself of Céline Dion" & you do shopping online. Nobody understand your passion & nobody to discuss except your cat who doesn't give a fuck of your life. Welcome, you're on the solitude zone. Join me !

◥ When people say "Gyaru style is dead"

Well... Gyaru is "has been", there are no magazine now, no gyaru in shibuya... You surely already listen these words. I'll tell you : These people are toxics. Accept your "old school" part, it's your right. We don't have the obligation to follow the trend. If you keep the love in your style, it's the most important. Nobody must say you the contrary. ["... We'll be back, soon..."]

◥ Gyaru Secret

Gyaru Secret is a gal problem. The first rule when you post a secret is to add these words on the picture of a gal you don't like [You can choose more than one word] :
''...Fat, Ugly, Bitch, Cow, Not gyaru, Shit...''
The Intelligente criticisms doesn't exist. You understood, this is the most coward & stupide technique to show your jealousy. I have the solutions : start to live & stop to stalk gaijin gyaru.

The principal rule in gyaru world is to laugh of yourself. Stop to be serious & enjoy your life ! See you the next week & Take care of your my lovelies ~

Kisses & Hugs,

25 mars 2015

[DIET] Top 10 Playlist Sport & Motivation

Dear Gals,

How are you today ? I started a new sport routine since 3 weeks. I'm registered in a fitness room. During 1 - 2 hours of cardio & weight training, I need music who motivate me & boost me. I selected my top 10 of my favourite musics at this moment.

1. Nicki Minaj - Anaconda
When I listen it, I'm motivate to have a beautiful butt. *haha*

2. Britney Spears - Hold it against me
I don't know why... This is MY motivation song. I love to listen and listen again. I feel stronger. *badum tss*

3. AronChupa - I'm an Albatraoz
I'm not a mouse, I'm an Albatraoz !! I don't like this song for the text but for the beat.

4. Rihanna - Pon de Replay
Effective for a cardio session.

5. Lipps Inc - Funkytown
The alien song of this top 10 but I'm just in love of this song. The extra bonus, I like to sing on this song.

6. Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado and the Yamanba Gals - Ganguro
My nostalgic part ; that's motivate me when I start to be tired. [Don't forget, You're a gal !]

7. Sunstroke Project - Run Away
The saxophone part is magic.

 8. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Shake, Shake, Shake ! My second wind.

 9. Major Lazer - Watch Out for this
Yay, Now you know, I like to shake my butt.

10. 2NE1 - I am the best
Don't forget, you're the best Congratulation you're finish.

That's all ! And you my gals, what's your favourite song when you do sport ? I search new songs.

Kisses & Hugs,

22 mars 2015

[REVIEW] DollyEye Bling13 Pink - LensVillage


Create a perfect look with  our range of DollyEye. DollyEye is manufactured by well-known and reliable circle lens manufacturer,  Dueba & EOS and branding under DollyEye name. A wide variety selection includes twirl, glowing and diamond series look amazing at your eyes  and absolutely stunning at any occasion. Twilight series is a favorite lens among cosplay players. The rich colors  cover your iris with captivating color. - LensVillage


This is pink circle lens with a particular design : There are points around link by segments and finished by a black circle. This design is very particular for a natural effect. However, I like this mesmerizing look when I wear it.

Good new if you need a sight correction. You can correct 00.00 to -10.00 [Right & Left]. It's easy to wear and to put in your eyes. The comfort is nice.

The diameter is 14,8 mm ; a good base to enlarge your look. The design adds a very nice effet "trompe l'oeil". The look is intense & bigger.

My impression of these circle lens is reserved. I like the design & the color but I think the color don't suit me. [Dark & soft makeup] Maybe it's a circle lens who can suit to blue eyes. If you're interrested by this cute pink cirle lens, you can buy it on the LensVillage webshop - 19,50$

Like or not ? Take care of you & See you next week ~

Kisses & Hugs,

15 mars 2015

[LIFESTYLE] Spam Instagram ~

Hi Gals !

How are you today ? Hope you'll have a good week end. I'm so sorry to don't post often. I have a lot of appointment about my future house ! Yes, I'm so happy : My husband and I decided to have our own house. It's a lot of work, we think about our future house plan. I must save all my money for my future furnitures *haha*

I don't prepare a big post or a review today. This is a spam of pictures from my Instagram [@Astralys]. I would like to thank all of you : We are 500+ !!

◥ Cocoa contour - Too Faced

My dream palette ! I bought it thanks to USGOBUY, this palettes is not available in France only in USA. I'll present you this palette very soon in a contouring tutorial. [If you're interested, I can too show you how I bought this palette]. See you on Youtube ~ Gal Vip - Winter 2014 edition

◥ Gal Vip - Winter 2014 edition

The best surprise of this week, I received the paper format of Gal Vip Magazine. I prefer the paper format ; It's an unique experience to be a model & it'll stay a very good memories forever.

My last création : Big rose with pearls.

 The hair accessories for Hime gyaru or Agejo are very expensive in Japan. I wanted to create for a less price a very cute hair accessory. What do you think about ? [Another idea for my Youtube channel *haha*]


I finish this post with the best new. I join a fitness club last week ! I enjoy every moment ; I feel better in my body & in my head. I create a new part on my Youtube channel : [DIET] I share with you all my experience with my new sport routine & my healthy nutrition. You can chek my first video on Youtube [In French]

And you Gals ? What are your news ? Send me your Instagram nickname. Take care of you.

Kisses & Hugs,


~~ ~~